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Serge's MIDIbox Editors

Some MIDIbox applications like MIDIbox Plus, MIDIbox64, MIDIbox64E, MIDIbox MF and MIDIO128 are providing additional configuration possibilities which are part of a "Bank". In difference to the program code, such memory dumps can be uploaded on-the-fly during runtime, and some of the applications also allow to store the dumps in a BankStick, so that you are able to switch between different setups very quickly.

There are two ways to edit the bank content. You can either go for the script based configuration which is described here, or you can use Serge's vmidibox editors:

Serge's MIDIbox Editor

They are providing a more comfortable configuration and also an emulation of some (not all) MIDIbox functions. Ans also the .syx loader is already integrated.

Serge's editor doesn't support the new features of the PIC18F firmwares yet --- for full access over all possibilities see the mk_syx page!

Serge's vmidibox* editors can be downloaded from serge.midibox.org.

Last update: 2023-11-04

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