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MIDIbox SID Control Surface Step C

WARNING: This tutorial describes features of MIDIbox SID V1 - they are partly handled on a different way in MIDIbox SID V2. More details can be found in the MBSID V2 User Manual.


(*) Please note: in MIDIbox SID V2, the LINK/CC/EDIT buttons got a new/modified function! The LINK button has the purpose of a SHIFT button (the MIDI link is obsolete, since MIDIbox Link has been replaced by MBNet). In addition, it displays a special configuration page, which for example allows you to switch between left and right SID channel. The CC button is used for "Page Up" (increments OSC/LFO/ENV/MOD/TRG/KNB), and the Edit button is used for "Page Down" (decrements OSC/LFO/ENV/MOD/TRG/KNB). SHIFT+CC and SHIFT+EDIT still switch the CC/Edit function like before (means: the two LED labels are still valid).
This changed behaviour should be considered when labling a new front panel

Frequently asked question: are LEDrings required for the endless rotary encoders or not?
Answer: no, LEDrings are not supported and not required for the MIDIbox SID application. When you turn an encoder, or press a button, the LCD will automatically jump to the menu entry which belongs to the parameter you are tweaking. LEDrings wouldn't give you more information - even worse - they would be too confusing, since the purpose of an encoder can change depending on the functional bank which is selected (e.g. in the oscillator section). Last but not least building the hardware would be more difficult (think about all the cables...)

Here a YouTube video which demonstrates the usage:

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